The Earthchild Wars

Dark one are you restless
do you guess they gather to certain slaughter
the wise raven groans aloud
that enemies infest the fair fields
ravaging in packs learn I discern
rich plains, softly wavelike
baring their necks, greenness of grass
beauty of blossoms, on the plains war
grinding heroic hosts to dust
cattle groans the Badb, the raven ravenous
among corpses of men, affliction and outcry
and war everlasting, raging over Cuailnge
death of sons, death of kinsmen,
death, death!

~ Chant of the Morrígan, the Táin

The Earthchild Wars are the name for the extended conflicts between the two groups of Erd's children: the Seven Tribes and the Stone Empire. The first happened centuries ago and resulted in a severing of the bonds between the two worlds that these groups called home. The second is just beyond the horizon, threatening much worse.
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