Seven Tribes

The Seven Tribes were an ancient alliance between the fey clans of Erd. Today, it exists as the historical descendant of that faction, though the composition of the tribes has shifted greatly. The name no longer strictly applies, but it endures as a legacy of the peaceful cooperation between the Children of the Earth.

The people of the Seven Tribes, both the true fey and non-fey, call themselves duine. The people of the Stone Empire usually refer to them as skraelings. The Stone Empire's citizens similarly refer to themselves as kanna but are referred to by the Seven Tribes as arndae.


The original Seven Tribes were:

  • Iastethilmir: the elven Clan of Glade and Moon
  • Udayn: the goliath Clan of Stone and Sky
  • Brimboldar: the gnomish Clan of Heart and Hill
  • Hashkabel: the hag Clan of Eye and Cloud
  • Tarragespos: the satyr Clan of Song and Storm
  • Wiranon: the sprite Clan of Dew and Wing
  • Vaarankil: the goblin Clan of Tooth and Thorn

Untribed Duine

  • Half-elves, marginalized offspring of fey and human.
  • Shifters, newcomers recognized as part fey but without the might to lay claim to clanship.
  • Centaurs, friendly towards the Seven Tribes, but too independent to join the alliance.

Lost Tribes

The following duine are no longer a part of the Seven

  • Hashkabel, who are uninterested in the other tribes and unconcerned with their fate.
  • Drow, who were cast out of Clan Iastethilmir after a bloody civil war.
  • Vaarankil, who have not taken up their Clan banner in ages, instead living in isolated warrens and fighting among each other. The goblins have, in the past, been allies of the other Clans when faced by a common enemy, but both sides consider the other, at best, untrustworthy. Hobgoblins, meanwhile, have disavowed ties to the Seven Tribes.


The Seven Tribes control a number of settlements of various sizes. The largest of these is called Tennamiratha.

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